Thank you for visiting my website. I want to welcome you and hope you enjoy reading about celebrating life and love in ways that honor our values and our love of life. I invite you to look over my website and explore the many ways to celebrate the special moments of life through the philosophy of humanism.

A Humanist ceremony is about celebrating life, connecting to others, and sharing the special life moments. It is about the values that we embrace and conveys the essence of who we are and the integrity of our character. Its openness and flexibility bring a spark of creativity and a refreshing freeness to each ceremony.

Since the beginning of time, we have reached out to each other in times of joy and sadness. Sharing life experiences are ways to connect with each other. Celebrations of life are ways to honor family, build community, and nurture compassion and kindness.

Humanist celebrations of life are non-religious. They do not speak of the supernatural but embrace the spirituality of our inner human nature by capturing the essences of the human experience through music, poetry, and readings. These bonds of human connectedness and sharing bring dignity and beauty to our celebrations of life.